Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum (B1F Hall)
Saturday 10th November, 14:00pm-

2-22 Kaminobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

(1) The Young Girl and the Clouds
Directed by : Georges Schwizgebel / 2000 / 4’30” / Swtizerland
HIROSHIMA ’02 / Special Prize

The adventures of Cinderella told in several scenes and cloud images.

(2) Lapsus
Directed by : Juan Pablo Zaramella / 2007 / 3’30” / Argentina
HIROSHIMA ’08 / Special Prize

A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world.

(3) Dog
Directed by : Suzie Templeton / 2001 / 5’40” / U.K.
HIROSHIMA ’02 / Hiroshima Prize

A young boy longs for reassurance about how his mother died.

(4) The Regulator
Directed by : Phillipe Grammaticopoulos / 2004 / 15’30” / France
HIROSHIMA ’06 / René Laloux Prize

A couple adopts a child, built with many different pieces. But the choice of the pieces is so huge that the child will not be as perfect as he should be…

(5) Minuscule – The Ladybird
Directed by : Thomas Szabo / 2007 / 5’32” / France
HIROSHIMA ’08 / Special Prize

Imagine a National Geographic documentary crossed with a Tex Avery Cartoon. A combination of 3D characters and live footage, with no commentary or dialog, gives viewers a bird’s eye view of insects’ day-to-day existence: the ongoing adventures of our weird and wonderful bugs.

(6) Birdcalls
Directed by : Malcom Sutherland / 2006 / 4’58” / Canada
HIROSHIMA ’06 / Debut Prize

While checking messages on an answering machine, the written languages of birds come alive to show us a birds point of view.

(7) Divers In The Rain
Directed by : Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn / 2010 / 23’19” / Estonia
HIROSHIMA ’10 / Hiroshima Prize

This is a story about an everyday diver and a night dentist. Their kisses are always good-bye kisses. He is a diver and he has to dive. She is tired and has to sleep. But there are no silent places in her dreams. And a big ship is slowly sinking in the rain. Nobody knows when it is time for the last cigarette.