Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Library
(Eizo Bunka Library) / 2F Hall

Saturday 27th October, 14:00-
Saturday (National holiday in Japan) 3rd November, 10:30-

(1) Instinct
Directed by:Rao Heidmets /2003/10:25/Estonia
HIROSHIMA 04/Special Prize

What happens when the Maker loses control over His Creation and if it starts to obey following its own will? Highly recommended for everyone involved in cloning, A.I., and otherwise witty people.

(2) The Square of Light
Directed by:Claude Luyet /1992/4:56/Switzerland
HIROSHIMA 92/Category E(within 5min.)1st

A short parable on pictures in motion. The vision of a boxer deceived by his reflection. His illusion intensifies and suddenly shatters.

(3) Pink Doll
Directed by:Valentin Olshvang /1997/10:18/Russia
HIROSHIMA 98/Special Prize

The little girl’s mother has a lover. She gives the child a gift from him…a pink doll.
The doll is beautiful but dangerous and the little girl’s jealousy turns to unexpected fantasies!

(4) Ferment
Directed by:Tim MacMillan /1999/4:54/U.K.
HIROSHIMA 2000/Special Prize

In a quiet city square an old man clutches his chest and falls to the ground, and time stands still. We travel from the square, down streets, through buildings - the human condition unfolds in glimpses of frozen moments.

(5) Period
Directed by:Philippe Billion /1995/1:46/France
HIROSHIMA 96/Special Prize

"Period" strives to express art imagery more so than tell a story. Using textures and lighting with an unusual atmosphere, "Period" describes a 3D ocean that seems to flow directly onto the viewers.

(6) The Monk and the Fish
Directed by:Michael Dudok de Wit /1994/6:25/The Netherlands,France
HIROSHIMA 96/Hiroshima Prize

A monk discovers a fish in reservoir near the monastery. He becomes obsessed with the fish and tries every way possible to catch it. Gradually the story becomes more symbolic.

(7) The Old Lady and the Pigeons
Directed by:Sylvain Chomet /1996/23:09/Canada
HIROSHIMA 98/Grand Prize

Paris, the end of the Fifties. A gendarme makes his rounds. He is a frail shell of a man, tired and hungry. He sees an old lady feeding pigeons on the park. She gives them cream cakes and other delicacies. Disguising himself as a pigeon the gendarme finds his way to the old lady's apartment where he hopes for a meal. Profiting from her generosity he visits her every day and soon finds himself becoming fatter and fatter. Then one day he finds out her true intentions.....