Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Library
(Eizo Bunka Library) / 2F Hall

Saturday 27th October, 18:00-
Saturday (National holiday in Japan) 3rd November, 14:00-

(1) Stormy Night
Directed by:Michele Lemieux /2003/9:55/Canada
HIROSHIMA 04/International Special Jury Prize

On a stormy night, a little girl is with her dog. A thousand questions run through her head.

(2) Village of Idiots
Directed by:Eugene Fedorenko, Rose Newlove /1999/12:41/Canada
HIROSHIMA 2000/Renzo Kinoshita Prize

Weary of daily life in his native village of Chelm, Shmendrik sets out on a quests for knowledge that brings him to a new Chelm, a place remarkably like the old Chelm, down to the chicken’s reminiscent clucks. Based on a Jewish folk tale adapted by John Lazarus, Village of Idiots is the story of Shmendrik’s new life and its uncanny closeness to his old life; offering an extremely funny take on our tendency to romanticize what we don’t have.

(3) The Paradise
Directed by:Nedeljko Ubovic /1994/1:40/Yugoslavia
HIROSHIMA 94/International Special Jury Prize

Is it all little for two men?

(4) Flying Nansen
Directed by:Igor Kovalyov /1999/11:38/U.S.A.
HIROSHIMA 2000/Special Prize

Explorer Nansen travels to the South Pole where a woman awaits him.

(5) La Pirouette
Directed by:Tali /2002/8:00/Canada
HIROSHIMA 02/International Special Jury Prize

A film about the food chain that shows how people living in cities are disconnected from what is on their dinner plate. In sharp contrast to this urban attitude is that of an old woman towards the animals she loves, raises and eats.

(6) The Sandman
Directed by:Paul Berry /1991/10:00/U.K.
HIROSHIMA 92/Grand Prize

Throughout Europe the story of the sandman has enthralled and frightened generations of children at bedtime. This dark tale of the shadowy figure, "The Sandman" who will throw sand in the eyes of sleepless children is told to its most sinister conclusion.

(7) At the Ends of the Earth
Directed by:Konstantin Bronzit /1999/7:46/France
HIROSHIMA 2000/International Special Jury Prize

The story of a house delicately balanced on top of a mountain. It rocks from side to side to the annoyance of the occupants.