Yokogawa Cinema (Hall)
Monday 29th October, 18:00pm -

Address: 3-1-12 Yokogawa-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima

(1) The Memories of Dogs
Directed by : Simone Massi / 2006 / 8’02” / Italy
HIROSHIMA ’06 / Renzo Kinoshita Prize

My cheeks brush against the stones, I look out from a break in the wall.

(2) Flux
Directed by : Chris Hinton / 2002 / 7’40” / Canada
HIROSHIMA ’02 / Special International Jury Prize

A whimsical piece abaout life, entropy and the inexorable march of time that plays with the mundane interactions and events of two generations of a family and natural order.

(3) Screen Play
Directed by : Barry J.C. Purves / 1992 / 11’10” / U.K.
HIROSHIMA ’94 / Category F(5-15min.) 1st

A multi-layered film about an old Japanese man who becomes rather too involved in reminiscences of his own dramatic youth. A tragic love story.

(4) Don’t Let It All Unravel
Directed by : Sarah Cox / 2006 / 2’05” / U.K.
HIROSHIMA ’08 / Special International Jury Prize

Don’t pull the end of the thread…Darn it…

(5) Beton
Directed by : Ariel Belinco, Michael Faust / 2006 / 5’59” / Israel
HIROSHIMA ’08 / Special Prize

The day to day life of a military world is disturbed by the appearance of a black kite behind its high walls. The army, annoyed by the existence of this kite in its clear blue sky, decides to solve the problem.

(6) The House
Directed by : David Buob / 2011 / 6’29” / Germany
HIROSHIMA ’12 / Competition Work

The dream of the little girl is to care for her grandmather, but aunt and mother do not let her do so. There is only one way out.

(7) The Hill Farm
Directed by : Mark Baker / 1988 / 17’40” / U.K.
HIROSHIMA ’90 / Hiroshima Prize

A family of farmers struggle to feed their hungry animals. Their farm is remote and the countryside around is wild and dangerous.

(8) I saw mice burying a cat
Directed by : Dmitry Geller / 2011 / 5’31” / Russia, China
HIROSHIMA ’12 / Grand Prize

The story begins romantically, continues as a farce, turning into a thriller, but ends up as a high tragedy.