International Animation Day 2022 in KYOTO

“IAD 2022 in Kyoto” will be held as a special class of Kyoto University of the Arts and its Graduate School.
This year again, in order to cope with corona virus infections, the manifestation is aimed for their students, faculty members, and related people including ASIFA members only.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Official poster of IAD 2022 in KYOTO can be downloaded.
 Artwork by: Michaela Pavlátová (Czech, ASIFA member)
 Design for Kyoto Version by: Miriam Corzo Villegas


November 22nd (Tue), 2022
Open at: 17:30 pm
Starting time: 18:00 pm  *Closed at 20:20 pm


Kyoto University of the Arts


Hiroshi ONISHI
(Acting President of ASIFA-JAPAN, Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts)


With Michaela Pavlátová

It is our great pleasure to hold a special program of Michaela Pavlátová, an animation filmmaker/ film director, who has been leading the Czech film industry. She is the author of this year’s IAD Official Poster as well !
In Part One, we will be pleased to show Michaela’s representative short films, and in Part Two, we will have the honor of inviting Michaela to make an online lecture on her filmmaking.


Part One: Short Films by Michaela Pavlátová

 “EXPO 2005 AICHI – Letters from the Czecho” 2005, 9 min 55 sec
 “Řeči, Řeči, Řeči (Words, Words, Words)” 1991, 7 min 45 sec
 “Repete” 1996, 8 min 47 sec
 “Tram” 2012, 7 min 49 sec

Lecture: Hiroshi ONISHI

– intermission –


Part Two: Online Lecture and Q&A by Michaela Pavlátová

  - language: English
   interpreter: Makiko Nagao (Animation Diffusion/Research, ASIFA-JAPAN General Secretary)




Design Field, Graduate School, and Department of Information Design, Kyoto University of the Arts


Aurel Klimt, Krátký Film Praha, Sacrebleu Productions

Collaborative Project

Kyoto University of the Arts Special Research and Production Grant 2022 – the Result
Presentation Project:
“Hiroshima International Animation Festival VR Photo Exhibition”