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Toshio KINOSHITA (January, 1925 - February 4, 2018)



Born January, 1925 in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from School of Engineering in 1945, I started my career working at the designing room of a munitions firm. Later, after having worked as a press reporter for a newspaper, I produced the opening of “Tetsuwan Atom” (Astro Boy). Thereafter, I became a free-lance and founded KINO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. in July, 1965. I have produced and written a substantial number of films and books. As a lecturer at a school of design I taught young animators. I gradiated from Keio University in 2014.

Hobby: Igo, Travel and Karate.

Other commitments:

As a cartoonist for about 7 years, from 1952 through 1959, I drew comic strips for a number of children’s magazines. Some of those manga include “Nichiren Shonin”(Saint Nichiren), “Inazuma-kun”(Mr. Thunderbolt), “Jiraiya-kozo”(Mine Boy), “Ashigara Kinta”(Kinta of Ashigara Mt.), etc. From ca. 1967, I drew Gekiga, or serial dramatic pictures, for the magazines of young adults, such as “Futen Okoma” (Vagabond Okoma, the Gal), etc. I worked hard as a cartoonist-cum-animator in those days. As to the prizes that I won, they are the one for a year- round long run of commercial films in 1961, and 1st award of Dentsu Prize for “Milky Koshinkyoku”(Milky March).

2013 » "KINOSHITA Toshio No Michigusa Mangashu 3" (Rambling Collection of  Manga by Toshio KINOSHITA III)
2009 » "Warabeuta" (Nursery Rhyme)
10 minutes
2008 » "KINOSHITA Toshio No Michigusa Mangashu 2" (Rambling Collection of  Manga by Toshio KINOSHITA II)
2003 » "Manga To Anime No Wakaru Hon" (Understanding Manga and Animation)
2002 » "KINOSHITA Toshio No Michigusa Mangashu" (Rambling Collection of Manga by Toshio KINOSHITA)
2001 » "YAMASHITA Kiyoshiden, Burari Hadakade Ikitai" (Want to Go Wondering and Rambling Undressed-Biogrphy of Kiyosi YAMASHITA)

» "Jigoku No soko O Mita Otoko" (Man Who Saw the Depth of Hell)
4 minutes

» "Michibata No Hana" (The Roadside Flowers)
4 minutes

1994 » "Ka-chan Nakanaide" (Don’t Cry, Mom!)
28 minutes
1993 » "Makka Ni Natta Niwatori" (The Cock Who Turned Red)
44 minutes / a TV Special
1991 » "Tobetobe Hiyoko" (Fly, Chicken, Fly!)
21 minutes
1989 » "Kumachan No Kotsu Anzen" (Traffic Rule by Teddy Bear)
13 minutes

» "Mushiba Ni Natta Osama" (King Who Had A Toothache)
13 minutes

» "Peter-kun No Hinotamataiji" (Peter Busts Fireballs)
13 minutes

1985 » "Peter-kun No Kotsu Anzen" (Peter Learns Traffic Rule)
12 minutes