About this DVD

"ASIFA-JAPAN DVD Vol.2" was made in 2009 as an exchange program between ASIFA national groups, aimed for International Animation Day (IAD). The usage of this DVD is authorized only for non-profit screenings for IAD, organized by ASIFA national groups.

Works recorded in this DVD

Laminated Structure
(1) Laminated Structure
Directed by:Kiyoshi Nishimoto 1982 / 7:28

An animation of the shape formed by the cross-section of an object created by sticking one's hand in a cube of clay, and what happens when the space axis is replaced with the time axis. This work was produced as a basic teaching material for first-year students in the design faculty of an art university. Completely hand drawn cel animation, without using computer graphics.

(2) Wind
Directed by:Azuru Isshiki 1992 / 3:40

Human beings are born, related with many others, die, and then again born. Karma.

Stone Game
(3) Stone Game
Directed by:Hideo Koide 1975 / 7:21

People without head keep on throwing stones at each other and forget that their life is made of more important things.

Japanese Nursery Rhymes of the Four Seasons
(4) Japanese Nursery Rhymes of the Four Seasons
Directed by:Toshio Kinoshita 2009 / 9:35

Wishing to revive the tender minds in the heart of children nowadays, we produced this animation of the nursery rhymes from the nice old days of Japan, reflecting the four seasons.

Child's trip
(5) Child's trip
Directed by:Kei Takahashi 2005 / 5:32

The images that everybody might remember, the memory before you were born. There, we think about our future lives that we are going to face. This animation short was created in order to describe such happenings.

The Line Magic Red and Blue
(6) The Line Magic Red and Blue
Directed by:Dino Sato 2006 / 3:30

Two concurrent lines, a red and a blue one, start a journey on a plain white background and proceed to draw the shape of various plants and animals along the way.

©2006 Dino Sato
Directed by:Tatsuo Shimamura 2009 / 8:07

The world population is exploding. The lives of people are more and more concentrated in the urban areas, and megalopolises keep emerging throughout the world. In those cities, global market economy grips the societies; greed and ballooned-egos are boiling up. It is the world of endless survival games. The only objective of people here is to survive in these extremely competitive societies: working 24 hours a day and serving slavishly to ever expanding gigantic megalopolis. To be born, born, and born to commence the darkest of the dark days; to die, die, and die to consummate the somberly termination.

Directed by:Yuichi Ito 1990 / 2:23

A silhouette of a cyclist is running through the night. A boy on the bicycle hastens to home when he saw a mysterious creature shown by the bicycle light. When the creature abruptly fled, there left something like a telescope. When the boy peeks through it, he finds the vast world of starlit sky he has ever experienced.

The Fourth of the Narcissus Month
(9) The Fourth of the Narcissus Month
Directed by:Nozomi Nagasaki 1990 / 11:30

When Narcissuses begin to bloom, Spring is just around the corner. But today is the fourth of the Narcissus Month, the day of Winter's last icy breath… The original story of this film was written by Kenji Miyazawa, the most famous fairy-tale writer and poet in Japan.

(10) LOVE (AI)
Directed by:Yoji Kuri 1963 / 4:28

In this film, Kuri delves still more deeply into the theme of man and woman as the sequel to HUMAN ZOO. Here, man is described more animal, and woman makes a pet of him.

Directed by:Renzo Kinoshita 1977 / 6:08

A film satirizing modern Japan. When Japan is flooded by western civilization…, or the invader invaded…

Directed by:Nobuhiro Aihara  2001 / 3:08

This is a work that I rendered the memory of my childhood by interrelating by with the images of the present. The evening skies or the changing colors of clouds that I often encountered and watched on my return home from school or playgrounds when I was a primary school child. In those summer days, at the stream or in the bush, the dragonflies perched and rested still on flowers or on my finger: the motion and stillness in my memory, which I tried to describe with the images of red.