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I.D.F. Inc.
#1003, 8-27 Tomihisacho, Shinjyuku, Tokyo 162-0067
Tel.81-3-5367-3779 / Fax.81-3-5367-3780

Setsuko Shibata graduated from the Faculty of Social Science in Hitotsubashi University, where she studied under Professor Joichiro Kawamura in the first semester. In 1989 she went to Paris for study, where she learned at École du Louvre, École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris and so on.

Returning to Japan, she started her current line of work by participating in the exhibition titled “Buddhist Sculpture from Old Temples in Nara (Tokyo National Museum, 1992)”. At the beginning of her career, she was working mainly in public relations and editing of exhibition catalogs.

After working as coordinator of exhibitions since 1998, Shibata founded a planning company, I.D.F. Inc. in 2001. Through her rich network with museums, artists, publishers and collectors, she has been setting up and running various kinds of exhibitions so far. Particularly, concerning France and countries in Eastern and Central Europe, utilizing her close relationship with people in museum institutions and researchers, she has been projecting exhibitions, sometimes focusing on artists or fields, which had few opportunities to be introduced to Japan in the form of art exhibitions. In addition, she has also been dealing continuously with animations and illustrations.

Record of Exhibitions Concerning Animation
2013 » "Magic of Czech Illustration and Animation"

(Kanazu Forest of Creation)

- 2013
» "Book Art and Animation in Poland"

(Hyogo prefectural Maruyama-river Garden)

- 2014
» "Cheburashka and Russian Animation"

(Museum of Modern Art, Shiga and so on)

- 2011
» "Karel Zeman, Master of Czech Animation Films"

(Kariya City Museum and so on)

- 2011
» "Tale of Tales: Yury Norshtein & Francheska Yarbusova"

(The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama and so on)

- 2007
» "Illustration in Czech and Its Relation with Animation Films"

(Isetan Eki Museum, Kyoto and so on)

- 2006
» "EvaŠvankmajerJan, Magician of Plastic and Visual Art"

(The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama and so on)

2004 » "Jiří Trnka, Master of Animation Films in Czech.
His view on Books for Children"

(Kariya City Art Museum and so on)