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Director of N&G Production

N&G Production
1-3-4, Minamitsukushino, Machida,Tokyo 194-0002, JAPAN
tel: +81- 42-795-6243
fax: +81-42-795-6243

Nozomi Nagasaki is a director at N&G Production and a freelance stop-motion animator.
She was born in Tokyo and graduated from Waseda University (Bachelor of Laws).
She has made animation films using various techniques such as puppets, clay, objects or cut-outs.
She works for various projects like commercial films, TV programs for children, movies, and video packages.

Films as a director and animator at N&G Production's Film
2001 » "The World of Handmade Animation Films"
1996 » "Home Alone"
Noburo Ofuji Award
1990 » "The Fourth of the Narcissus Month"
Shanghai International Animation Film Festival 92:
First Prize of Works for Children
1985 » "Wake Up Tigger !"
Films as an animator (for the films by Tadanari Okamoto)
1982 » "The Magix Fox "
1981 » "White Elephant "
1978 » "Panache the Squirrel "
Films as an animator (for the films by Kihachiro Kawamoto)
1981 » "Rennnyo and His Mother"
Special Effects for feature films
» "Gakkô no kaidan (Haunted School) 1 - 3"
(Sundance Company, Toho Co., Ltd)
Films for exhibitions and others
» "The Restaurant of Many Orders"
(Hakata Exhibition)
» "Nagano Olympic: Cheer with Alpee"
(Shishu Exhibition)
» "Sea Is Our Friend"
(Lisbon World Exposition)
» "The Evolution of The Human Race"
(Little World)
TV Programs
1990 » "Afterman"

(Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)

1990 » "Ponkikki",   "Ponkikki's"

( Fuji Creative Corp. / Little Studio Inc. )

Wake Up TIGGER!© N&G Production, 2010

"Wake Up TIGGER!"
© N&G Production, 2010

The Fourth of the Narcissus Month© N&G Production, 2010

"The Fourth of the Narcissus Month"
© N&G Production, 2010

Home Alone© N&G Production, 2010

"Home Alone"
© N&G Production, 2010