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Masashige HIRANUMA

Masashige HIRANUMA

President of WelzAnimationStudios Co.,Ltd.

WelzAnimationStudios Co.,Ltd 3-14-8-4F Shibaura, Minato-ku,Tokyo,
108-0023 Japan
tel: +81-3-5765-5810
fax: +81-3-5765-5811

After graduating from Psychology Department, Faculty of Literature of Teikyo University, Masashige Hiranuma joined an animation production company Studio 4℃. Then, after working at a game company and a video production company, he became independent and directed many TV-CMs. In 2001, Hiranuma established his own company, Welz Animation Studio.
Since 2003, he started studying 3D images, and in 2008, directed the first original animation made exclusively for stereoscopic 3D in Japan, "Alt and the Forest in the Mysterious Sea".* This film was officially screened at "Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2008", "DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 3DFair 2008", "3D EXPO 2008" and so on.In 2008, Hiranuma established Welz Records as a challenge to 'animation without imagery', and also, he established Welz Music Co., Ltd. (present Monogatari Co., Ltd.) in 2013.
Pursuing the expression of story contents only with audio, Hiranuma has been producing audio cinema having stereoscopic technology, including "Kirinosekai" "Sakura Noise" "The Bugging Detective Story" "Money Road" "I was selected as a judge!" "Itazura Kiss". As a result, he earned the 1st ranking of iTunes Store audiobook synthesis overall. Also, "Kirinosekai" has been novelized by Kadokawa Bunko.

2016 » "The Second First Kiss"

(Director / Scenario)

2015 » "Sakura Noise"

(Director / Scenario)

» "Melody card of Kotone"

(Director / Scenario)

» "Consideration about a man"

(Director / Scenario)

» "100 lies on the spring"

(Director / Scenario)

» "Sankaku Room"

(Director / Scenario)

» "Is the divorce also a condition of a good man?"

(Director / Scenario)

2014 »Audio cinema "Itazura Kiss"


2011 » "Kirinosekai"

(Director / Screenplay)

2010 » "The Bugging Detective Story"

(Original plan / Planning / Producer)

2009 » "I was elected a judge!"

(Original plan / Planning / Producer)

» "Money Road"

(Planning / Producer)

2008 » "Alt and the Forest in the Mysterious Sea"

(Director / Scenario)

Sakura Noise

"Sakura Noise"
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©WelzAnimationStudios Co.,Ltd, 2011

The Bugging Detective Story

"The Bugging Detective Story"
©WelzAnimationStudios Co.,Ltd, 2010

Alt and the Forest in the Mysterious Sea

"Alt and the Forest in the Mysterious Sea"
©WelzAnimationStudios Co.,Ltd, 2008