Members of ASIFA-Japan



Board Member, Japan Society for Graphic Science
Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts and Media Sciences (MAAS),
Faculty of Art and Design, Kyushu Sangyo University

Faculty of Art and Design, Kyushu Sangyo University
2-3-1 Matsukadai, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka 813-8503, Japan
tel: +81-92-673-5709

Born in Yokohama in 1969. Now residing in Fukuoka.
Graduated from Faculty of Education at Tokyo Gakugei University in 1996.
As a CG Designer and Director, Habuto has been making TV commercials, music videos, and imageries for concerts, etc.
Currently researching and creating mainly interactive art as well as algorithmic design.

2013 » "Mosquito net Ripples KOBE"

Kobe Biennale 2013 Art Exhibition in international container / Meriken Park Incentive award

» "HANARART pre-event interactive video exhibition"

Arts Festival HANARART2013/ Nara Museum story

2012 » "Mosquito net Ripples"
» "Dye in the particle"
» "Swimming Words"

Arts Festival HANARART2012 / Museum and Shin-machi-cho Gojo

» "Dye in the particle"

14th Hiroshima International Animation Festival "ASIFA-Japan 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition"

2003 » "Distortion"

The 10th Hiroshima International Animation Festival "Japanese Animation Today"

1998 » "Distortion"

KIRIN Contemporary Award 98/KIRIN Art Space Harajuku, KIRIN Plaza Osaka Incentive award
New York Animation Festival/The New School ‒ A New York University College
SKIP Creative Human Award '98 Outstanding performance award
NTT Japan CG Culture Festival '98 (NTT, Japan SGI) Selected
7th Hiroshima International Animation Festival "Best of World"

» "Bikun"

Motion graphics '98 Exhibition/ AXIS Gallery Roppongi

Algorithmic Mosquito net Ripples

"Algorithmic Mosquito net Ripples"
©Hiromi Habuto, 2013

HANARART pre-event interactive video exhibition

"HANARART pre-event interactive video exhibition"
©Hiromi Habuto, 2013

Mosquito net Ripples KOBE

"Mosquito net Ripples KOBE"
©Hiromi Habuto, 2013

Dye in the particle

"Dye in the particle"
©Hiromi Habuto, 2012

Mosquito net Ripples

"Mosquito net Ripples"
©Hiromi Habuto, 2012