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Yukinori HIGA
(HIGA Brothers)

Yukinori HIGA (HIGA Brothers)


Born in Okinawa Prefecture.
Loved puppet animation and manga from a young age, and greatly impacted by works such as Harryhausen’s “Sinbad” series and David Allen’s “Caveman”.

From around the time of the special effects boom in the 1980s, dreamed of working in special effects business in America. Worked part-time jobs after graduation from high school then travelled to America. After interviews at various studios, started work under the special make-up artist Screaming Mad George. This was followed by stints at various studios, after which they finally achieved their long wish to work under David Allen.

Returned to Japan in 1997. After involvement in special effects film production in Tokyo, returned to Okinawa in 1999, where they produced and completed in 2007 the puppet anime film “Kanahiru The Iron Boy” , which was an amalgamation of the skills and experience they had gained to date. Currently producing the television program on a local Okinawan hero, “HALSER ACRE”!