International Animation Day 2023 in KYOTO

“IAD 2023 in Kyoto” will be held as an open class of the Graduate School of Kyoto University of the Arts. It is our great pleasure to hold an IAD open to public again, since several years, as the Corona pandemic has subsided. Looking forward to welcoming you!

note: The venue has about 100 seats. The priority will be given to students attending the class, and general audience will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Official poster of IAD 2023 in KYOTO can be downloaded.
 Artwork by: Georges Schwizgebel (ASIFA Swiss member)
 Design for Kyoto Version by: Hiroshi Onishi


November 3rd (Fri.), 2023
Open at: 16:30 pm
Starting time: 17:00 pm  Closed at 20:00 pm


Kyoto University of the Arts, Uryuyama Campus,
Ningenkan B1, Eizo Hall

2-116 Uryuyama, Kita Shirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8271

Access to Kyoto University of the Arts, Uryuyama Campus:


Hiroshi ONISHI
 (Acting President of ASIFA-JAPAN, Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts)

Makiko NAGAO
 (General Secretary of ASIFA-JAPAN, Adjunct Professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design)


A Retrospective Program of Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita
- Planning & Production: Hiroshi Onishi

As the founders of Asia's first international film festival specialized in animation, the Hiroshima International Animation Festival (1985-2020), and who grew it to become not only an ASIFA endorsed festival but also an Academy Award and Annie Award qualified festival, the late Renzo Kinoshita and Sayoko Kinoshita, are also talented filmmakers in their own right. Their films are characterized by a high level of artistry, and also, their humor, experimental spirit, and critiques of history and society are interwoven in a multi-layered manner. Each of their works poses question(s) to the viewer, asking him or her to confront the question and think about it.This is also a challenge that they have set for themselves through their creative activities.

In this retrospective program, we will present their works from three different angles. The Part One features their works made for variety shows, TV commercials, and other client commissions. In Part Two, we will show those works that were made to confront and think about being “Japanese", through making films. And, in Part Three, we will show works that were born from their hearts, which are the driving force behind their creation, respecting "life" and aspiring to "peace". The Part Three will also feature an excerpts from a TV program, looking back on Renzo's accomplishments, that were broadcast on August 6, 1998, by Hiroshima Home Television.

In addition to these screenings, there will also be an exhibition of illustrations that Renzo drew in his hospital bed, recalling his childhood memories, as well as a trophy from the New York International Animation Festival, where "Made in Japan" won the Grand Prix.

17:00〜17:05: Introduction (Hiroshi Onishi)

17:05〜17:45: Part One: Commissioned Works

 "GEBA GEBA SHOW TIME" (1986, 28:00), an excerpts of 10 min.
 "CURRICULA MACHINE" (1974 - 1976, broadcast on Nippon TV), an excerpts of 12 min.
 “Commercial Films Selection” (12:50)

17:45〜18:20:  Part Two: Thinking Japan

 “WHAT ON EARTH IS HE?” (1971, 3:40)
 “MADE IN JAPAN” (1972, 9:00)

– intermission –

18:35〜20:00: Part Three: Thoughts for Peace

 “8.6 Special - What Renzo Left Us”, an excerpts of 20 min. from “Atsushi Nishida’s TV Land”,
  broadcast on Hiroshima Home Television, August 6th, 1998.
 “The 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival - HIROSHIMA 2020 Opening Title”
 “THE LAST AIR RAID - KUMAGAYA”(1993,28:51,Permanent Screening at Peace Museum of
  Saitama )
 “FRAME OF MIND” (1988, 2:00)

 Short Commentary, Q & A: About Renzo & Sayoko Kinoshita, and about the exhibits (Makiko Nagao)






Information Design and Product Design Field, Graduate School, Kyoto University of the Arts


Studio Lotus


The Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
"Oral History - Hiroshima International Animation Festival as an Art Movement”
(Project Number: 22K00263)


Hiroshi Onishi, Graduate School, Kyoto University of the Arts