Celebrating the International Animation Day (IAD) 2011 !

Together with all of you around the world, I am very pleased to hold the celebration of International Animation Day (IAD) --- October 28th --- again this year, and to be able to promote the cross-cultural exchanges through the art of animation.

Following the 50th anniversary of ASIFA last year, one of its children ASIFA-JAPAN will become 30 years old this year.
ASIFA-JAPAN was established on December 22nd 1981 by 22 starting members, including prominent animation filmmakers such as Taiji Yabushita, Osamu Tezuka, Renzo Kinoshita, Tadahito Mochinaga, Kihachiro Kawamoto and Yoji Kuri.
Today, we have grown into a larger group of 64 members, and many young talents are emerging too.

For 30 years, ASIFA-JAPAN, as a non-profit association, has been working steadily and ceaselessly for the development of animation art field. Its history can be described as very creative and dedicating --- which is so similar to the process of making animation films.
One of such activities has been the celebration of International Animation Day in Japan, and I am very happy and proud that it will be held again this year by the hard work of our members.

Looking forward to your participation to IAD 2011 !

Sayoko Kinoshita
Vice President of ASIFA/ President of ASIFA-Japan