”Animation from China” — presented by ASIFA-China

Thursday, 8th November, at 18:30 - 19:30

Directed by Jun WU,
2017 / 4:50 / China

Buddhism believes that ”this exists so that does, therefore when this disappears so that does too”. The theory of dependent origination lays the foundation for the harmonious thought in Buddhist ethics. It announces the connection of all beings and that life and death are a profound and undeniable theme in nature. Greedy people destroy this harmony in pursuit of their own selfish desires. They try to carve their own beliefs onto the bloody ivory. They don’t know or care that the production of ivory Buddhist statues and beads means the end of an elephant’s life. This sand cartoon film shows the process of the production of ivory Buddhist statues and beads. Hopefully it will give viewers a desire for concern and vigilance in order to challenge the world to refuse to deal with the damage the trade creates, and to teach respect and love for other life forms and nature itself.

(2) My Childhood
Directed by Jiayao YU
2017 / 2:08 / China

This is an episode of the series of My Childhood produced by Fish Animation Studio. The story is based on a true story. A girl named Xiao Hong kept a duckling as pet when she was a child. As the duckling grew up, it was simmered into soup by Xiao Hong’s parents. When Xiao Hong burst into tears, the story reversed greatly......

(3) The Dove 
Directed by Tianyuan SHANG, Jiacheng ZHANG.
2011 / 9:47 / China

The Dove is about a young designer, Gaoyuan, who is just stepped into the society. Because he cannot find a proper way to deal with setbacks in life, and also cannot bear the gap between dream and reality. He decided to run away from the reality by talking to a dove on a bridge. Gradually , this young man was building up a cold wall inside and then starting to suffer from depression. One day, he was in a trance when he was thinking about his unsolved and accumulated problems. He came to the bridge as usual, and swallowed all the depression pills, angrily. “How can a man fly, without Wings?” he asked him. While he climb on the bridge, then jumped out of the it. In a moment of falling, he was facing the death, suddenly, he realized that all of the pains and struggles, might probably, derived from the improper angle that he chose to see the world before. Finally, this young man was rescued. After that, he made a decision, he decided to put himself together, and then start his brand new life.

(4) S.M.H
Directed by Jiachen LI
2017 / 7:07 / China

Three roles of S, M, H worked for equivalent of food in the plant. S was the fastest, but the food he had received was the cheapest, and H was the slowest, but the food he had received was the most. Thus there is a contradiction between S and H. S tried to ride H's bike but found that it was hard to ride, resulting in the entire plant began to collapse. Finally, with the help of M, they worked together to save the disaster caused by S, and the plant began to recover. Originally, the plant was the drive structure inside the alarm. The alarm clock has been ringing, and finally pressed by a hand.

(5) Stage
Directed by Yixin ZENG
2017 / 5:00 / China

There are many ordinary people in this world. Ordinary is not terrible, but willing to be ordinary is terrible. In daily life, many people look like ordinary but actually they do have their shining points. These people inspired us. This work reflects the theme ordinary people also have their shining points. This project tries to express the idea that ordinary people are also out of common through the story development, comparison between the characters and the tension of music. The story happens in a lecture hall in China, where a western professor is going to give a lecture about western opera. But during the speech, the interpreter drinks the cleaning fluid in a bottle by accident and cannot continue to translate. At the same time, the cleaning fluid from the bottle causes the short circuit and chaotic situation. The lecture is interrupted. At this critical moment, the cleaning lady starts to sing with her beautiful voice and rescues the lecture as a result.

(6) Mud
Directed by Zihao ZOU, Hao LI, Yuchen HU, Chunyi LAN
2017 / 4:00 / China

In a raining afternoon, a merchant ran into a ruined temple to take refuge from the pouring rain. From that temple, he found an old man who carried a basket of earth with shining magic. The merchant was impressed. He tried to negotiate with the old man several times to have that basket of magical earth, but he was told that earth is not for sale. The merchant didn't want to give up. An evil thought came out of

(7) The Abyss
Directed by Wu ZHENG, Liying HUANG
2016 / 3:56 / China

The young hunter, who had just lost his lover from a sudden misfortune of wolf attacks at nightfall, runs for his life through the dark snowy night, leading the hungry wolves that follow the trail of his blood in the woods. The chase ends up on a dangerous cliff. The hunter has no options left. With short hesitation he jumps down the cliff and the wolves find other routes to go down for their feast. They run towards the hunter without seeing the numerous traps waiting ahead.

(8) The Psychedelic Rope
Directed by Wu ZHENG, Liying HUANG
2016 / 3:56 / China

In ancient china, After a long cruel war, the city renewed ,a young magician back to the city and walk into GuanGon Temple which was ruined,The past emerge in his sight......

(9) Shapeshifter
Directed by Qi LI, Yini LIN, Juanjuan LONG
2012 / 4:26 / China