What is International Animation Day 2021?

On October 28th, 1892, a French inventor Emile Reynaud (1844-1918) made the first public performance of animation at the Grevin Museum in Paris, using his own invention “optical theater”.


In 2002, ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’ Animation, registered in Annecy, France) decided to celebrate this historic day as “International Animation Day (IAD)”, aiming to promote and develop animation art all over the world.


ASIFA National Groups started to hold the celebration on and around October 28th, as a ”simultaneous” manifestation in various countries.


ASIFA-Japan also decided to join this international art manifestation in 2005, and has been participating since then. This year, we will be holding the “International Animation Day 2021 in KYOTO” in reality at Kyoto University of the Arts, as a special class, aimed for their students, faculty members, etc.


The official poster of International Animation Day 2021 was made by Maryam Mohajer (ASIFA-Iran member), and it will be used throughout the world.