ASIFA — Association Internationale du Film d’Animation — is the only international non-profit organization for animation in the world. ASIFA aims to promote animation art globally and to attain international friendship and mutual understanding through the development of animation.


ASIFA was founded in 1960 by masters of animation, including Norman McLaren, John Hubley, Paul Grimault, Ivan Ivanov Vano, Karel Zeman, Alexander Alexeieff, Lev Atamanov, Jiri Trnka, John Halas, etc., and it’ s headquarter is registered in Annecy, France.


Today, approximately 5000 animation artists and professionals are active members of ASIFA, and unfold their activities for the promotion and development of animation through mutual co-operation world-wide. ASIFA is an international organization composed of individual members, but members are allowed to set up its Group in their country or region to enhance its activities. Today, there are more than 40 National/Regional Groups & Offices throughout the world.


ASIFA-Japan was established on December 22nd, 1981, by 22 starting members including prominent animation filmmakers such as Yoji Kuri, Taiji Yabushita, Osamu Tezuka, Tadahito Mochinaga, Kihachiro Kawamoto, Renzo Kinoshita, etc. ASIFA-Japan is organized in accordance with the rules and regulations of ASIFA. Current 76 members consist of the leading animation filmmakers and animation professionals in Japan.


ASIFA-Japan co-organized and held the Hiroshima International Animation Festival during 1984 – 2020, as the first ASIFA endorsed international animation festival in Asia. This festival was founded by Renzo and Sayoko Kinoshita, having Hiroshima city and ASIFA share the heart of “Love and Peace”. Its first edition was held in 1985 as an international cultural manifestation commemorating the 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing, and since then, it was held biennially as a comprehensive animation festival consisted of competition, special programs, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, educational film market, etc. Sayoko Kinoshita, the President of ASIFA and President of ASIFA-Japan, served as the festival director since its first edition. Qualified by American Academy Awards and Annie Awards as well, Hiroshima Festival was recognized as one of the top-notch high quality festivals of the world because of its excellent programs and administration, and it was also well known as a place where new talents were discovered and recruited, and thus, animation professionals as well as every corner of media field were giving their highest attentions. However, the festival was suddenly closed in 2020, with its 18th edition.

Today, ASIFA-Japan has started to prepare the establishment of a new manifestation “International Animation Festival in JAPAN”, which will be taking over the spirit of ASIFA.


Also, the annual celebration of International Animation Day — October 28th –, etc., has been held.


ASIFA and ASIFA-Japan, by placing its emphasis on the fairness of opportunity, the protection of the freedom of expression, and the protection of copyrights, etc., has been making every effort to enhance the social, economic situation of animation people, and contributing to the promotion of art and culture internationally.


Hiroshima International Animation Festival (an Archive site)