Celebrating the International Animation Day (IAD) 2021 - the 20th Anniversary !

On behalf of ASIFA and ASIFA-JAPAN, I am very pleased to be able to celebrate the International Animation Day (IAD) – October 28th -, again this year, together with all of you around the world.

International Animation Day was established in 2002 by ASIFA. This year, we are celebrating its 20th anniversary. On and around October 28th, the day when Emile Reynaud held the first public performance of animation in the world in 1892, we organize animation screenings, exhibitions, seminars, workshops etc., “simultaneously”, aiming the development of this unique art form.

ASIFA-JAPAN is pleased to offer three exchange program DVDs “ASIFA-JAPAN Vol. 1 – Vol. 3” composed of our members’ high quality animation shorts. It is one of main aims of International Animation Day to promote cross-cultural exchanges through the art of animation.

The continued corona virus pandemic has made us difficult to hold IAD at various sites, however, I am most delighted that we will be able to hold “IAD 2021 in KYOTO” in reality at Kyoto University of the Arts, as a special class, aimed for their students, faculty members, etc. ( In case the corona virus situation will improve in November, we may be able to hold it as an extension class, which will be open to public. )

I truly hope that many people will enjoy the variety of expressions created in animation art.

Happy IAD 2021!

Sayoko Kinoshita
President of ASIFA, President of ASIFA-JAPAN