Program / Chuo Kominkan(Naka Ward)

Address: 24-36 Nishihakushima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City 731-0005
Telephone: 082-221-5943 (in Japanese only)

Sunday 16th October
Flip Book Workshop 10:00am -
Screening 11:00am -

(1) L'Homme sans Ombre
Directed by:Georges Schwizgebel /2004/9:40/Canada
HIROSHIMA 04/International Special Jury Prize

What a bother dragging around one's shadow? A man agrees to a pact with a magician and swaps his shadow for riches. He soon discovers that the absence of a shadow can be a humiliating handicap. After fleeing to the far corners of the earth, he ends up in Bali, in a theatre of shadow puppets, where he discovers the true value of shadows.

(2) The Suspect
Directed by:Jose Miguel Ribeiro /1999/24:45/Portugal
HIROSHIMA 2000/International Special Jury Prize

A train compartment, four people, a ticket collector, a Swiss Army knife and a potential assassin. Will they all make it to the end of the journey?

(3) Cuckoo's Nephew
Directed by:Oksana Cherkassova /1992/10:00/Russia
HIROSHIMA 94/Category F(5-15min.)2nd

An old shaman passes on his experiences.

(4) Notice
Directed by:Roelof van den Bergh /2004/1:52/The Netherlands
HIROSHIMA 04/International Special Jury Prize

A lady prepares to go out and join life. Because life is as unpredictable as the weather, she fails to prepare suitably and ends up not going out to join life. Being unable to anticipate her destination, she still insists on controlling her departure.

(5) Existence
Directed by:Myung-ha Lee /1999/5:40/Rep. of Korea
HIROSHIMA 2000/Debut Prize

This film is a parody of the value of existence as we understand it. It contains humour and serious comment through the characters of a dog and a cat.

(6) Repete
Directed by:Michaela Pavlatova /1995/9:09/Czech Rep.
HIROSHIMA 96/Grand Prize

We are all part of a mechanism that determines our lives. Three couples - red, green and blue - long to break free from their routine.