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Kotaro SATO

Kotaro SATO

Animation Director, Lecturer at Kanto Gakuin University



Born in 1967 in Tokyo, Japan.
After graduating from University of Tsukuba, he has been engaged in creating and teaching animation, while working at Bandai Namco Games Inc. In 2002, he directed an independent short animation "The Essence of War", which was officially screened at the International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA 2004, within one of their special programs "Animation for Peace", and also, it was selected for the competition of KROK International Animated Films Festival 2004. "LET OUT" was officially screened at "Japanese Animation Today" program of the International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA 2014, and also, it was invited to Brisbane Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2014.
He was a published author of two textbooks about computer graphics, Digital Moving Image and Introduction to Computer Graphics Design. He was the co-writer and a member of the editorial committee of these two books.
He served as a lecturer at Tama Art University from 2004 to 2007. Since 2009, he has been lecturing at Kanto Gakuin University. He was a member of the selection committee of the International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA 2010. In 2013, he opened an animation studio "SATORY Design". Sato is the director of a study group for "Folktale Description Language", an artificial language, invented by Sato, to analyze the structure of stories by computer. A member of ASIFA-Japan.

2015 » Released two textbooks "Digital Moving Image" and "Introduction to Computer Graphics Design". Kotaro Sato was the co-writer and a member of the editorial committee.
2012 » Directed an independent short animation "LET OUT".
2010 » Directed an independent short animation "From a Flower Factory".
2009 » Published a science fiction novel "The Moment of a Scientific Revolution".
2006 » Directed an independent short animation "Magnifying Glass".
2004 » Released an image recognition tarot fortune telling, "Camera de Tarot", as one of the products for Namco Ltd.
2002 » Directed an independent short animation "The Essence of War".
2000 » Published his treatise "Introducing the Folktale Description Language (FDL)" in a book "Images of Folktales - 3"(Ozawa Folktale Institute).
1994 » One-man exhibition of computer graphics illustrations "The Flowers of the Four Seasons" at Kunpei Dowa Kan.

"lily of the valley"

"lily of the valley"
© Kotaro SATO, 1994

"Magnifying Glass"

"Magnifying Glass"
© Kotaro SATO, 2006